Are blue eyes intimidating


Being that most people are born with blue eyes, PT argues that light-eyed children are given the baby treatment longer than their brothers or sisters with darker eyes.

Guess that means all the siblings who didn't get the beautiful bright eyes will have the last laugh behind their big desks or in their fancy corporate helicopters.

The color comes from dye-like molecules called pigments. It is why some flowers are red and others are blue. The major pigment in the eye is the same as the one in skin and hair -- melanin.

Different amounts of pigment in the iris lead to different eye colors.

Shakespeare even said they are the windows to our souls.


And apparently, our peepers can tell us a lot more about ourselves and others than we once thought.

But as you will read later on they are not exactly the same.

Although we do not know the exact genes that cause gray vs.

The study also indicates that people with lighter eyes are more likely to abuse alcohol and consume large quantities in one serving.


Maybe that explains why you were ordering an Uber for your brown-eyed friend this weekend after she left her phone at the bar. Guess it's because their eyes are as dark as that cheap whiskey.

Basically, the more melanin in the brain, the more efficiently, sensitively and quickly the brain can work, the researchers reported.


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