Dating mappin webb silver plate marks


1729 BENJAMIN PYNE (1653-1732) Price £3,750 An excellent antique sterling silver samovar of plain design and having a shaped folding handle with raffia finish. The matching stand has a cut-work frieze and stands on large shell feet, it has a removable burner well with push on top. Total height 30 cms (handle extended)/ 22.5 cms (to top of kettle finial).

1700 WILLIAM ANDREWS Price £6,500 A good early English silver flat lidded tankard. Hand engraved to the front there is a decorative cartouche containing an armorial.

Stainless flatware patterns are also available on this site.

The best way to catch these carefully prepared forgeries is a side-by-side comparison.

1714 WILLIAM FLEMING Price £795 A charming antique silver porringer with simple strapwork side handles.

Classic Georgian style with the half fluted decoration popular at the time and large curled and decorative side handles. The paten has a similar band of hatched ornament and has the date 1574 which is consistent with the date of manufacture. 1856 JOHN FIGG OF LONDON Price £3,500 A stunning quality 19th century engraved crystal claret jug with decorative silver mount and pedestal foot. The crystal glass body has an excellent quality grapevine engraved design.


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