Diet camp for adults

Browse our list to find the right weight loss spa for men that offers everything you need to get fit and stay healthy.

While we regret to announce that the Wellspring Camps will not be having camp this summer, we can refer our campers and you to Camp Pocono Trails, a ACA-accredited weight loss camp where campers enjoy learning about fitness and healthy weight loss in a fun environment.

Children and young adult camps are not listed but we are happy to discuss the many options both nationally and internationally with you!



Both first-rate programs offer a comprehensive mental and physical experience, incorporating healthy food in our gourmet restaurant, fun yet challenging fitness classes, and pampering in our nationally recognized spa.

The best weight loss spa destination/vacations (including children and young adults) and health and fitness spas vary from affordable weight loss spas, to luxurious weight loss vacations for women, and include everything from stateside locations to international settings! Call (866) 772-3678 Contact us online for more information and details on these and other destinations.

Be pampered as you set goals and learn how to eat healthy while staying motivated. If you are a parent concerned about your child’s weight issue and wonder about the seriousness of it, give us a call.

Learn more about the Wellspring Camps experience, our scientifically-driven approach to weight loss, the success of our camp attendees, session dates and camp locations as well as rates and financing options.


Join our comprehensive weeklong Jump Start weight loss retreat to lose weight and you will leave with a strategy for continued success.

Here are eight destinations garnering praise for their ability to help visitors shape up.


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