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Based on feedback, we have released a Mobile Top Ten 2016 list following a similar approach of collecting data, grouping the data in logical and consistent ways. i MAS is a collaborative research project from the MITRE Corporation focused on open source i OS security controls.

Today, i OS meets the enterprise security needs of customers, however many security experts cite critical vulnerabilities and have demonstrated exploits, which pushes enterprises to augment i OS deployments with commercial solutions.

i Mas Project Page The source code for i MAS is available on Git Hub: i MAS Source Code OWASP Goat Droid is a fully functional and self-contained training environment for educating developers and testers on Android security.

In 2015, we performed a survey and initiated a Call for Data submission Globally .

This helped us to analyze and re-categorize the OWASP Mobile Top Ten for 2016.

It can get the apk file, all the datas and the databases in sqlite3 and csv format. Androick Project Page The Now Secure App Testing Community Edition is the freely downloadable version of the powerful App Testing suite.

Users are offered a number of features such as network capture, automation, import / export, and reporting to test and secure mobile apps.

The i MAS intent is to protect i OS applications and data beyond the Apple provided security model and reduce the adversary’s ability and efficiency to perform recon, exploitation, control and execution on i OS mobile applications.


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