Essex police memorial website

Saffron Walden and Harwich were absorbed into Essex in 1857, Maldon in 1889 and Colchester in 1947.

In 1914 the newly formed County Borough of Southend-on-Sea set up its own police force which existed independently until 1969.

Belhus golf course is located in Aveley near the site of the former Belhus Mansion.

Much of the remaining land from Belhus forms the Belhus Woods Country Park.

It was in that year that the Essex County Constabulary was established, Essex being one of the first county forces to be set up after the 1839 County Police Act.



However, this was averted by its parishioners, who raised £1,000 to save it.

Identification Tips: Fugitives often change their hair style and color to disguise their appearance. To help identify them pay close attention to facial characteristics that don't easily change such as the shape of the face, the eyebrows, the eyes, nose, mouth and chin region.


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