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Mares, a former police chief who was named executive director in January 2012 after serving as chief investigator for the commission, said he believes the abuse of the therapeutic drug clenbuterol and other banned concoctions, with names like “purple pain,” “oxygen shots,” “holy water,” and “Mexican clenbuterol” are responsible for many of the deaths.

The Baffert horses died from a variety of ailments, including cardiac arrest, pulmonary hemorrhage, and internal bleeding.

The largest, Lijar is roughly 1000 metres and it takes around 15 mins to fly top to bottom!


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The centre of the village is dominated by the magnificent church Santa Ana and a lovely square surrounded by orange trees, a perfect scene to relax in and enjoy a refreshing drink after a day's paragliding.

Centrally located for easy access from Malaga, Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera airports, Algodonales boasts beautiful National Parks nearby ideal for bird watching, enjoying activities such as walking, horse-riding, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, etc, and for nature lovers in general.

With the exception of trace elements of a rodenticide discovered in one of the Baffert horses, nothing unusual was found in toxicology tests, and CHRB officials have not suggested Baffert, his veterinarians, or staff were doing anything illegal or unethical that led to the deaths of the seven horses.

So the cause of sudden deaths to seven otherwise healthy horses in one barn over a 17-month period will likely remain an unsolved mystery.

Retina South Africa is the only patient group in South Africa dedicated to bringing promising clinical trials and treatments to South Africa.


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