Lithomancy online dating


I decided she had something to offer me as a dating/relationship coach. What I wasn’t expecting was that my relationship with others began first with my relationship with myself!She helped me set daily and weekly goals that provided me with the tools I still use today in all my relationships.” “I attended Elizabeth’s ‘Attract Your Soul Mate Workshop’ and learned specific techniques to help identify issues and find the best solutions. I recommend Elizabeth to anyone that wants to real, practical, effective ways to find and keep love!I find Elizabeth’s work to be highly valuable and her follow-through to be meticulous.


She founded Ignite Divine Sparks Coaching Services in 2009.

Some readings can take up to an hour and a half to two hours depending on the type of reading (general reading or specific question), questions that a member might have about a certain area that is being addressed, and interpretation from the angels and/or guides.


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