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However, police soon determined that Richards used Baldwin’s credit cards to buy jewelry and a boat. Hoover got 26 years to life, while Campbell was granted immunity for testifying against his whilom comrades.

Richards was sent to Folsom State Prison in Sacramento and began serving his sentence without much protest.

Crossan Hoover and Andrew Campbell, both 17, worked for Richards, and the trio was planning to rob and murder Richard Baldwin, 36, the owner of an area auto restoration shop.

Baldwin had a substantial car collection and was said to keep a large amount of cash in his home, and the proceeds from the robbery were reportedly going to be used to buy machine guns and parts for a laser gun.

Leaders of various Terran nations have negotiated treaties that exchange a set amount of human abductees for alien technology.

It’s a tragic sacrifice, Richards writes, but one that has helped civilizations develop cell phones and space travel.

According to prosecutors, Richards was going to use the laser to blow up the bridges leading in and out of the county, and once the coup was complete, he was going to rename the territory “Pendragon” and rule over it as King.

Richards, at the time 29, and close to six feet tall with the lean frame of a laborer, was a down-on-his-luck general contractor with an ambitious plan to get back on his feet.

Mark and Jo Ann maintain that his conviction was a C. But the longer he was in prison, the more he wanted to talk, and so in 2003 Jo Ann started a nonprofit foundation to help get out his life story.

As Executive Director of Earth Defense Headquarters, she felt not only more connected to her husband but also that her own life was filled with a newfound sense of purpose.

As she sat in that back room, she could feel Mark cheering her on.


But the sensation was bittersweet, as he could not see her speak firsthand: Mark is serving a life sentence for orchestrating a 1982 murder allegedly carried out to fund the takeover of Marin County, California, and transform it into his own kingdom called Pendragon. frame job designed to discredit anything he’d say about his tenure as an intergalactic diplomat and warrior.Originally intended for his kids, the manuscript covers the travels, accomplishments, and careers of the men in his family, but it also serves as a way to explain the series of events that led to him being set up.


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    The Chronicon Roskildense records that "Haraldus rex Danorumfrater eius Hericus et uxor regis" was baptised in 826 at Mainz by "Othgario archiepiscopo"The Annales Bertiniani record that "Godefridus, Herioldi Dani filius", who had been baptised at Mainz during the reign of Emperor Louis, defected from Emperor Lothar in 852, raided Frisia, and sailed up the Scheldt and the Seine.

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