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Additionally, all aircraft with their own page are listed on the Individual Aircraft Pages List. Was at Wroughton, UK on 3 July 1993 with former owner Luc Dom (photo)F-BJCJ.

If you want such a page for your aircraft and have the necessary information available, just drop me a note and we will work something out. Info about current owner and home base supplied 18 July 2000 by José Vandamme. It was officially registred in Belgium on 17/03/88 on name of Mr. DW: damaged and registration cancelled 1986, thereafter restored and re-registered 12/93.

Still with its original Continental C-90-14F engine, original instrument panel, seats etc.

: Cof A cancelled by CAA after Cof A expired (Air Britain British Register Update Nov 2001).

These pages are accessible through a link to the serial number in the following table, i.e. The instrument panel is still original, but added with a Bendix/King KX155 720 channel radio, an Bendix/King KT76A transponder with alticode, a Trimble GPS, markers, and a 4 place voice activated intercom.

if the serial number in the first column is underlined, a seperate page for that aircraft is available. " Aircraft was at the Schaffen-Diest 2000 Fly-in in Belgium (Ref. July 2002: News from the owner: Aircraft under restoration since Sep 2001.

This is quite better than the DR1050 Ambassadeur, which reaches 100 kt with about 18-19 liters/hour, most of the time...(I don't talk about the Sicile Record or the Excellence, which have a different "empennage"...). Left wing and undercarriage leg substantially damaged, the tail and stern post pulled off, propeller destroyed. Unable to gain altitude, the aircraft struck the ground in a level attitude and sustained damage to the landing gear, lower cowling and propeller.

Pete also send very detailed information about some aircraft no longer on the UK register (including reason and location of the accident, which is most of the time why the aircraft is no longer active), the most detailed information to date. Excerpt from the AAIB accident report: "The side load resulting from the ground loop caused both landing gears to bend to the left. All pictures found on the site of the Jnkping Flying Club. First flight in France on 20-3-1961 with registration F-BJUE. Slater according to the CAA - still with 4767 hours? From Pete : "Aircraft crashed Bagby, 11 June 1989." DW: Registration cancelled . : Aircraft damaged in a ground loop during taxiing on at Stornoway Airport, Isle of Lewis. : Added picture of the aircraft, its panel and very likely of its owner Evert Kardell. Engine: Continental O-200-A (Source)F-BITI, G-ASRP. If you have photos but no possibility to scan them yourself, I can do this for you. The aircraft was damaged by an engine fire and they are currently busy repairing the damage. : Overhauled and recovered during the winter 2000/2001, flying again in summer 2001F-BJYC, D-EDNF.


All photos are to be sent to the following address and will be treated with the utmost care and promptly returned to the sender. - Lutz Gebhardt A note regarding the second edition of this list (): I started the first edition of this list in early 2000 mainly based on Pascal Brugiers listings as mentioned above. They are looking for a right cockpit door and rubber elements for the main gear spring system. Now that this is mostly done, almost all aircraft have been traced down. Not too much work was done on the project until I bought the pieces with a friend in October last year [1999].


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