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Most people now know that Type A personality characteristics have something to do with being competitive and work-obsessed and can bring an increased risk of health problems, but it’s not always understood exactly what traits constitute “Type A Behavior,” or exactly how these traits impact health and wellbeing.

Here you'll learn more about Type A, how it affects people, and how to deal with stress if you have a “Type A Personality” or if you work closely with someone who does.


For some people, the term applies to rude and impatient people. Many see competitiveness as the main characteristic.You may talk to your boss about expectations to be sure that it is possible to meet them with a reasonable level of work if your job has been stressful enough to affect your health.Change Thought Patterns With practice, when you alter your thinking patterns to more positive ones you develop more trust in yourself and in those around you, and can soften your Type A tendencies.The following are ways to soften Type A characteristics in yourself if you possess them: Change Your Work Life Altering certain factors in your work life to make your job less stressful, more rewarding, and less demanding.


For example, you can consciously make an effort to enjoy the meaning you attach to your work rather than focusing primarily on outcomes.While many personality traits, such as extroversion, are innate, most researchers believe that Type A personality characteristics are more of a reaction to environmental factors, or tendencies toward certain behaviors, and are influenced by culture and job structure.



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