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“It’s been so gratifying to watch the new programming team come together and hear their dialogue around film,” said Nancy Schafer, Executive Director of Tribeca Film Festival.

“Their passion is inspiring and is reflected in the strength and breadth of the program.” For the first time, the competition sections will have designated opening night films in both the documentary and narrative categories, highlighting the sections.



For revenge, he and his hulking farm hand Mehmet snatch a goat to butcher for a family holiday, unwittingly sparking a dire blood feud.

The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival is set to begin in a little over a month, and today the fest announced selections for its world narrative and documentary competition sections as well as its out-of-competition viewpoint titles.


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    Debuting Turkish director Emin Alper creates an atmosphere of skin-crawling terror in this psychological drama by withholding, not showing, the escalating acts of violence that hurtle these feuding farmers toward a shocking confrontation.

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